Canyon Introduces 2018 Sender AL


Downhill is first and foremost a racing discipline. More so perhaps than any other category of bike. If you've got a sled, chances are you put it behind a starting gate once in awhile. That's one reason Canyon's Sender has been only available in carbon fiber. When wins are counted in hundredths of seconds, the bikes should be measured in grams.

The Sender AL doesn’t feature Canyon’s MX link, but still has a pretty fancy leverage curve.

But what about those who just want to huck? What about the fiber-phobes out there? And what about those without bottomless budgets? Canyon has proven to be their friend for years, as it has been one of the brands leading the consumer-direct charge even before they started selling here in the U.S. So today, it released a few alloy versions of the Sender, and for now the one we'll see here in the U.S. will go for $3000

The Sender AL shares essentially the same geometry as its richer, carbon-er brother, but it uses a direct shock mount instead of the MX link. The MX link offered Canyon an extra dimension of tunability when engineering the leverage curve on the carbon Sender. Canyon isn't abandoning it, but like the carbon frame itself, the MX link comes at a premium. And the Sender AL still has Canyon's well-thought-out three-stage leverage curve seen on the carbon Sender, as well as the recently released Torque and all-new Spectral. The idea is to have the leverage ratio ramp up at a rate that increases throughout the stroke, offering mid-stroke support and then firm bottom-out resistance.

You can opt for a chainstay with a techy 430-millimeters or stable 446. Just pick a hole and mount the brake accordingly.

But we can't tell you if it works or not. We didn't have a chance to ride this particular beast while covering the more trail-oriented new releases Canyon rolled out over the past week, but you can look forward to more from Canyon as the company’s foothold in the U.S. gets firmer.



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