Bike Hacks: Creak Seeker | BIKE Magazine


The only thing worse than the creaks that come from a dry, loose bottom bracket are the creaks that have no obvious point of origin whatsoever. Every pedal stroke, something mysterious taunts you until you, in a fit of frustration, disassemble your entire bike, clean and grease every part and put it all back together again. Or maybe just dip the whole thing in oil like C-3PO. But the creak is probably coming from just one place. Here’s a hack to hunt it down.

Try and replicate the creak. Flex the pedals side to side, twist the bars up and down, push the saddle back and forth. Basically try and recreate the motion that was causing the flex out on the trail. Once you’re able to make that evil unrelenting noise, have a friend hold their fingers on potential problem areas while the creak is happening. Like an earthquake, the vibration will be stronger at the source. Once they’ve found the offending area, you know where to start your service. Once you’re done, double check again that you’ve fixed the creak, and make sure there’s not another, more subtle one sitting in hiding, waiting to ruin your next ride.