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Cover Image: Brandon Semenuk’s seamless style silhouetted against a timeless Utah landscape in the fleeting moments before sunrise. Photographer: Ian Collins.

Colin Meagher portrait by photographer Tyler Roemer

We start this issue and the new volume of the magazine on a somber note, with a feature about Colin Meagher, one of mountain biking’s most prolific photographers, whose career—and life—is being cut short by a devastating diagnosis of ALS, an ultimately fatal neurodegenerative disease. Editor-at-large and longtime friend of Meagher’s, Mike Ferrentino, tells Meagher’s story in an honest and heartfelt feature, “The View at Twilight,” largely through Meagher’s own words. And while Meagher’s story is difficult to read, it’s the message between the lines about how Meagher is handling his fate where the real meaning of the piece can be found. Please go here to read more about Meagher’s story, and how you can help offset his mounting medical bills.

A stunning opener in India shot by Kari Medig.

In “Prisoners of the Mountains,” photographer Kari Medig and writer Alex Frankel venture to the overlooked and overwhelming Indian Himalaya, where two unforecasted feet of powder attempt to stymie the team’s unlikely trek.

The resurgence of metal bikes means more options for everyone.

In this volume, we’re committed to bringing you more long-term bike reviews, and we’re starting things off with reviews of two aluminum mainstays: the Santa Cruz 5010 and the Trek Slash. Also in the gear section, we break down the benefits of three different types of water filtration systems, all of which will help you carry less and stay out longer in the backcountry.

As we embark on this 26th volume of Bike, this issue also introduces two new departments. “Once Upon a Trail,” an unforgettable day on the trail—be it for a good reason or bad—as recounted to writer Lacy Kemp and illustrated by the talented Micayla Gatto. We start with a party ride gone wrong on Whistler’s Gargamel trail in an incident that left a concussed rider lost and alone in the B.C. woods. And we close the issue with another new page: “Name Drop,” a brief interview with a person of note, be it an athlete, engineer or CEO. For this first page, we start with freeride legend Graham Agassiz, as he starts a new chapter in his career with a new sponsor and new goals. Don’t miss this April issue of Bike, on newsstands, in your mailbox or digitally HERE.

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